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As a company, VIS Productions shape the show based on the client’s wishes and desires. Interior or exterior, in cold or heat, on real or plastic ice, for kids, for company events, on a large or small scale, VIS does it all. We bring the magic you desire.

As a team, VIS brings the magic to life through their wide set of skills, each member bringing their expertise to different aspects of the production. Sofia Sjölin is the brain behind the operation; creating and producing the shows, Head of Choreography is Lina Stenman and Assistant Choreographer is Ida Sjölin. Together they make up a stand out, highly experienced team.

The past two years, VIS has, together with Liseberg, produced the beautiful fairytales ”A Christmas Carol” and ”The Swan lake”. Before VIS, Sofia Sjölin worked for 35 years at Liseberg as their in-house producer. During her time at Liseberg she produced over fifty magical shows complete with dance, unique combinations, humor, and fabulous costumes. All broad and amazing experiences told and performed by magnificent actors and figure skaters.


A Christmas Carol – VIS and Liseberg


An ice show based on Charles Dickens’ story about Ebenezer Scrooge, and how he learned to love again. With amazing skaters, choreography and visual effects such as a convex LED-wall, the story is told so the audience can follow his struggle to become a loving man again in a new, unique way.

Producer – Sofia Sjölin

The Swan Lake – VIS and Liseberg


In this show we get to see when Prince Siegfried has to choose someone to marry, he falls in love with the beautiful Odette, however, the evil magician Rothbarth decides that Siegfried and Odette shouldn’t be together and puts a spell on her that only a true love’s kiss can break.

Producer – Sofia Sjölin

The Nutcracker – Liseberg


Young Clara gets a Nutcracker doll as a Christmas gift from her uncle Drosselmeier. The Nutcracker comes to life and brings Clara with him. In the ice show, the audience got to follow them both trough fantastic worlds and meet the Nutcrackers friends such as Sugar Plum, The Russian Dolls and also his biggest enemy, The Rat King.

Producer – Sofia Sjölin

Hansel and Gretel – Liseberg


Based on the fairy tale novel by the Grimm Brothers. We follow Hansel and Gretel when they trace a trail of candy through the woods only to run in to five witches with malicious intentions for the young siblings.

Producer – Sofia Sjölin

The Snow Queen – Liseberg


In the ice show, we get to see the jealous snow queen enter a little village and freeze everyone to ice so she can enchant the boy Kai and bring him to her castle. Luckily, fairies come to rescue the citizens so Kai’s sister Gerda can go find her brother.

Producer – Sofia Sjölin

Vintervirvlar – Liseberg


Three time winners of the IAAPA brass ring awards for best live entertainment.

In these award winning shows the audience got to experience the true joy of christmas, through lots of sassy snowmen, reindeers, santa’s little helpers, eskimos, gingerbread men, christmas waltz festivities and tap dancing bunnies.  All this lead by the beautiful Cicero who gracefully took us from the north to the south pole.

 Producer – Sofia Sjölin