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VIS finns här för att hjälpa er berätta er historia, precis som vi gjort för dessa.

Our Team

VIS Productions started as a family business with vast expertise in the entertainment industry. Our team is the perfect example of a well oiled machine. With a holistic view of how to create emotions and entertainment, VIS excels in providing an efficient, captivating story that leaves you wanting more.

Victor Sjölin

CEO / Producer / VIS Productions Founder

Gustav Högmo

Creative Director / Writer / Music producer

Frida Svedh

Social Media Consultant

Alex Godborg

First Assistant Camera / Animator / Gaffer

Sofia Sjölin

CFO / Executive Producer / VIS Productions Founder

Ida Sjölin

Co-Creative Director / Choreographer / Skater

Josefin Sjöberg

Head of Postproduction / Editor / Animator

Quentin Aubry

Performance Coach / Technical Advisor / Skater

Reidun Skaaheim

Project Leader / Recruitment / Script supervisor

Max Westlund

First Assistant Director / Production Coordinator / Sound Design

Janette Åkerström

Tailor / Costume Designer

Anton Rönnfors

Project leader / Technical Advisor / Performer

Lina Stenman

Project Leader / Recruitment / Choreographer

Arvid Smith

Associate Producer / Safety Officer / Performer

Rasmus Nilselid

Drone Operator / Photographer / Actor