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Features, shorts, commercials, music videos, documentaries or educational material, VIS can offer the whole package, from Pre-production to Post-production. We have created multiple media projects around the world and have built up an amazing network with multiple talented filmmakers all over the U.S. and Europe, making us a collaborator you can trust with projects on any scale.

From working on huge corporate television shows in Sweden such as ”Lotta på Liseberg”, to creating passionate films including, musicals ”Stunning”, dramas ”Dalmatian” and ”Virtually Yours”, comedies ”Good from far but far from Good”, music videos ”Wine N Roses” and documentaries ”All for One”. As filmmakers and storytellers, VIS strive to tell the next saga.

With an arsenal of gear, art, and equipment VIS can help with the creative as well as the technical parts of a production. We live for perfection and will mold our creation based on your request.