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VIS Productions has a wide selection of unique educational skills: Theatre, figure skating, costume and make-up, film, music, fire-acrobatics, nonverbal character design and technical knowledge about production. We have created combinations of educational courses to help you or your company on your path to the next level. We at VIS always aim to see how the dots are connected in everything we do, to always achieve and maintain a great overlook of the production.

Our way of teaching figure skating vs Ice-shows is something we are unique with worldwide. We have mastered the art of grooming skaters for shows, in a way that is different from the traditional sport. 

With our many years of experience we are here to help you learn how to put together an amazing show.


Acting, Improv, Character design. VIS has over 50 years of experience in educating the art of expression of your body.


Hardware or software, VIS has experience in teaching different aspects of technical skills that are of use in the entertainment industry.