Last Hope

In this Norwegian coming of age drama about teenage girl Mia, we follow her struggle to fit into a mentally exhausting world of social standards and pressures. Her quest to find any sort of meaning or hope is the one thing that could stop her from ending it all.

Director – Reidun-Margrethe Skaaheim

Employee of the Month


John, the offices most committed but unfortunately invisible good guy is facing hate from the gossip girl of the office for winning, or in Susan’s eyes “stealing”, the last employee of the month cup of the year. In this dark comedy we enter on a day that is not like any other day, today John has had enough.

Good from Far but Far from Good

Matthew, a narcissistic, self-absorbed, aspiring musician meets his match on a blind date. Stacey is a typical valley girl who is only capable of talking about herself. The two of them will soon realize that vain self-obsession is not an ideal quality when you try to find love. Plus, when the waitress proves to be your ex, it creates a spicy dinner topic.

The Painter


A dramatic story about Yosef, a painter from Iran, who struggles as a newly arrived immigrant in the U.S. His one motivation to keep going is his mission of getting his true love Ismé out of the devastating Middle Eastern war zone. But the opposition against immigrants, and especially Muslims, is causing Yosef’s quest to seem impossible.

Wine n Roses


2018 (Music Video)A music video for the song of the up and coming duo of Joveth and Enzo (now Yello Heart) follows a couple whose future changes abruptly when Jamie, a strong willed, up and coming musician loses herself in drugs, alcohol and poor life choices. Director – Victor Sjölin, Gustav Högmo


This comedic thriller follows two strangers both on the run from the law, meeting at an abandoned train station and realizing they have more in common than they first thought, beginning one of the most famous crime sprees of all time.

Weekend Wilderness

In this Comedy, four curious youngsters wake up in the woods after a night of camping, only to realize their fifth friend has left with the car; their one ticket out of the forest. But what happens when you put three extroverted and self-absorbed city personalities with no survival instincts, and one introvert trying to control the situation, together out in the vast wilderness?

Bank Job

This sizzle reel follows Junior, a young man whose life has taken a wrong turn. Junior gets peer pressured by his brother Leon and his villainous friend Roy to rob a liquor store. Wanting to make his brother proud in front of his partner, Junior accepts. Unfortunately, young Junior, being very green, will soon realize what he has really gotten himself into.

Virtually Yours

In this female-driven futuristic drama, a lovestruck young woman uses a revolutionary virtual reality video game to live out her struggle with an unreciprocated love. It’s a dramatic telling of passion, rejection, and love with a major focus on how developing technologies affect human interactions. How do such strides in the digital realm, like augmented and virtual reality, change people’s “actual” reality and their relationships in the real world?


DALMATIAN Vitiligo Indie film Poster

An aspiring runway model with vitiligo must hide her skin condition in order to succeed in an industry obsessed with human perfection and outer beauty. When her secret becomes known and jeopardizes her career, she must choose between the accepting defeat or beauty by a different standard.