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I have worked closely with Sofia for many years, as both the co-worker and boss. I have also been able to work with Victor during the last couple of years. Together they are the epitome of professionalism and they will put their soul into what is necessary for that day. One quality, that I have noticed in both of them and appreciate tremendously, is their capability to understand how decisions will affect the people around them. VIS always thinks two steps ahead and analyses the situation to achieve greatness. It’s a great honor for me to get to work with both Sofia and Victor, Every time!

Åsa Bilén, producer, department of entertainment, Liseberg.

Exceeding the guest’s expectations is our constant goal at Liseberg, giving that little extra in all contexts. For several years in a has Liseberg in co-production hired VIS Productions to create our annual ice shows during Christmas at Liseberg.
VIS Productions is detail-oriented, listens to our wishes, always gives the little extra, and has a holistic view of the project that exceeds even our expectations.
VIS Productions can bring our dreams to life and deliver incredible shows that leave the audience wishing for more.

Lotta Carlsbogård, Funktions chef säsonger & Event, Liseberg.

Victor’s main assignment was to take care of the artists after they were booked to participate in the program. He coordinated and booked their travel arrangements. He met the artists when they arrived at the recording location where he provided them with all the information they needed for the day and took them to stage in time for repetitions and broadcasting. 

Victor also assisted the producer and editor with information about the artists for supporting the program. Since the program is broadcasted live, various problems may arise and Victor never hesitated to help solve problems that occurred so that the broadcast could continue without any interference. Victor performed very well in his role, completely without remark and showed great talent for what the profession means. He is ambitious and always well-read and prepared for his assignments. 

I highly recommend Victor Sjolin for future work in the media industry. 

Ulf Barthel, producer, Warner bros europe.

Victor has also excelled in practical part of storytelling, having two short films, ”Stunning” and ”Virtually Yours” and one documentary, ”All for One” accepted into the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.  I became the Artistic Director of SBIFF in 2004, and since then, have been able to breathe new life into the Festival, bringing such artists as Will Smith, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Clint Eastwood, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet and numerous other internationally renowned artists to SBIFF. The Santa Barbara International Film Festival has become an internationally recognized festival and is respected much the same as the Cannes, Toronto, Berlin, Venice, and Sundance Film Festivals.  As a result of my long professional career in the entertainment industry, I am able to provide valuable information regarding artists. In this context, I wish to state clearly just how much Victor is dedicated to the academic study and profession of filmmaking. Victor is bright, ambitious, and brimming with creativity. He is efficient and responsible with both his studies and duties, as well as personable and patient with faculty, staff, and his fellow students. Victor has excelled as the President of the SBCC Film Community and has also helped create and direct a local film awards event for SBCC, where I have been selected as the judge for Best Picture. He is highly respected, as both a person and a professional. 

Roger Durling, president, Santa barbara international film festival.

Victor Sjoelin started working with me back in 2013 at ADJ Produktion AB. He wasn’t the most knowledgeable when he started, but Victor had an impressive will to excel and learned extremely quickly about both the industry as well as the technical part. He also had an impressively good eye for service and always came to work happy and energetic. At ADJ we highly value our clients and that they feel cared about, Victor was amazing at handling this, and was quickly sent away on his own tasks. Victor would be a great asset for any company he is on. His positivity is something that spreads around, and his passion for organization and social skills makes him the ultimate employee. Victor Sjoelin gets my highest level of recommendations

Anders Blomqvist, CEO, ADJ Productions.