About us

Passion and creativity driven by a personal touch is what to expect when working with VIS. Every collaborator, client, and customer is met with a unique and enthusiastic approach. We strive to create a powerful bond from our first meeting to the magic of the final show or film.

With an extensive amount of years in the industry, we have achieved a detailed and special set of skills, thanks to us executing every position in production. There are a lot of producers and project managers, but few have acquired such extensive and broad knowledge like us. Our capability to connect the dots and visualize an entire production early on is often described as our biggest asset by our clients and partners.

Sofia Sjölin

Founder / CEO / Producer

With an incredible eye for detail, as well as an indescribable view of the big picture, Sofia shines during the production.

 With her 50 years of showbiz experience, Sofia has built a vast knowledge base in every corner of the industry. Theatre, show, and media; she has done it all. At 6 years old, Sofia took to the stage, with her father Stig at the piano. She is an educator of makeup, dance/tap dance, choreography, theatre, and show. During the 80’s Sofia traveled the world with the international group “Up with people”.

 In the 90’s she started developing mascots and taught the art of silent acting. Matell Barbie, GP Draken and the World Cup Crane of Athletics are some of her creations. For over 30 years, she worked for Liseberg amusement park in Gothenburg Sweden, as both a Producer and Head of Park Entertainment. Producing Lisebergs figure skating shows were where Sofia truly found her passion, winning multiple awards for the extraordinary work. Sofia has also worked with Warner Bros, TV 4 and ADJ productions.

Today she is the CEO of VIS Productions together with her son Victor. What makes Sofia one of a kind at entertainment is the combination of her experience and love for the industry.

Victor Sjölin

Founder / President / Producer

Victor has accomplished great success in the industry. With an OCD level of organization and efficiency, like a well-oiled machine, Victor has mastered the skill of filmmaking on a scale of short films, to large productions. His broad knowledge of every department in production has formed him into the perfect partner in the art of filmmaking. 

With a sturdy work ethic and a passion for problem-solving, Victor has made his way through the world of entertainment, creating films, documentaries, TV shows, and music. His eye for detail has lead his films to every corner of the world on the film festival circuits. What is described as his biggest advantage, however, is his capability of adapting and learning. 

Victor is well versed in producing, editing, and filming. Having worked on some of the biggest TV shows of Sweden and America, Victor has experienced what Hollywood filmmaking is truly about.

 Victor founded Versus Entertainment back in 2016, which has now evolved into VIS Productions. Together with Sofia, have they molded VIS into the company it is today. As President, Producer and Technical Expert, Victor leads the charge in entertainment on the screen at VIS.

Lina Stenman

Production Manager / Choreographer / Recruitment Officer

At the age of 4, Lina took her first slides in her skates, and now, 30 years later, she has been a show-skater since 2003, toured with Disney on Ice, played Pippi Longstocking in “Pippi, an Adventure on Ice”, and lead the figure skating team at Liseberg amusement park. Lina is a true performer, excelling both in front of and behind the curtains.

The time that Lina spends off the ice is aimed towards working on multiple TV productions. Here, Lina thrives and is a force to be reckoned with, both creatively and organizationally. Since the start of VIS Productions, Lina has been working as the Production manager as well as lead choreographer.


Reidun Skaaheim

Brand Manager / Producer / Makeup specialist

Reidun-Margrethe Skaaheim started off her career as a host for a children show called Safari BarneTV. This was a Norwegian TV show that aired for 10 years with thousands of people tuning in to watch every week. Because of this she got a base knowledge of how the TV industry worked, and continued her to learn more as she went off to college in California to study Film and TV Production at Santa Barbara City College.

After 2.5 year in college, Reidun-Margrethe got her degree in Film and TV production. The big focus during her years in college was producing and makeup. Her last year at the school she managed to win 4 awards for the different films she produced and directed at the schools Film awards for the talented students. And she kept on producing more films that same year.

While being in the TV business, Reidun-Margrethe Skaaheim got to be a makeup artist for the show, and later got to work as a MUA on multiple different TV shows. During her time in America she studied makeup with an Oscar winning teacher, Pamela Shaw. Here she learned new techniques, spanning all kinds of genres; TV, Film, Glam, Everyday, Theater and VFX makeup.

Quentin Lourenco – Aubry

Marketing Manager / Professional Skater / Pair Coach

Quentin found his passion for skating on a school field trip at the age of 6 and he hasn’t stopped skating since. As a strong single skater he competed in multiple international competitions and he even has a gold medal from the French National Championships. 

At 19 Quentin stopped competing and decided he wanted to skate professionally instead. He then joined Disney on ice and has now toured with them for over 8 years, playing multiple lead roles. During his time at Disney Quentin also took his skating to the next level becoming a talented pair skater. 

In 2019 Quentin joined VIS Productions as an assistant choreographer and pair skating coach for the winter production of ”A Christmas Carol”. 

Ida Sjölin

Creative Design / Choreographer / Professional Skater 

Ida has been skating professionally for 8 years. She started out her career at Liseberg amusement parks annual Christmas show and have had multiple leading roles. She also worked as a seasonal character performer for  Liseberg´s entertainment department. At the age of 19 Ida joined Disney on ice and has now toured with them for 3 years as multiple famous Disney characters.

As a child Ida worked on multiple tv jobs, Annual Swedish Christmas calendar 2005 ”A December dream”, tv series ”The second avenue” and multiple films. Today Ida has a degree as a Musical theatre student and has a big passion for the arts. 

With some of her other talents such as fire juggling, ballroom dancing, face painting and color guarding Ida has now a very wide eye for showbiz and has now found a new passion in working in the creating process of our shows. Ida has now been working in VIS Productions as choreographer and skating coach for our pair teams.


Gustav Högmo

Writer / Director / Composer

A multifaceted creative talent, Gustav Högmo has spent the last five years in the US studying Film Production and Theater Arts in California where he graduated from Santa Barbara City College the most awarded student in the schools Film Awards history, earning 11 awards spanning screenwriting, acting, directing, original score and audience choice for several films. 

As a writer/director, he has seen his short films be screened at festivals all over the world including Sose International Film Festival in Armenia, Changing Face International Film Festival in Sydney and the prestigious Santa Barbara International Film Festival in California.

He is an educated actor, having gone through the whole program at SBCC as well as having become an experienced and talented improviser through a lot of experience in comedy as well as improv classes. He’s acted in upwards of 15 short films as well as a number of plays sporting wins and nominees at SBCC Film Awards and Milan Online Film Festival for his performances.

 Gustav has been playing and making music for over ten years and, when starting at SBCC, brought that knowledge into his filmmaking, scoring all his own films and even making a short film musical called Stunning which is currently in development to become a feature.

Jeanette Åkerström

Tailor / Costume Designer

Jeanette Åkerström is a Certified Tailor, Costume Designer & Dressmaker for stage and screen.​ In 2018 she started Watson Tailor where she has been since.

 After having worked as a Nordic Executive Secretary and Chief Marketing Assistant within the biomedicine area for almost two decades, she decided to change her career completely. She returned back to school in 2013 and became a certified tailor after 3 years of study at Tillskärarakademin in Gothenburg.​

 She’s been part of the tailoring and single handedly created the technical design of Ping/Pang/Pong in Turandot at Dalhalla in Rättvik 2014. She was part of the production of Jane Austen, inspired costume dress ups at Tjolöholm Castle 2015 and partly tailored the Hansel and Gretel + the Nutcracker productions at Liseberg 2016-2017. ​Within her own company she’s been the primary creator of design and tailor of the ice skating dresses of Swan Lake and A Christmas Carol played at Liseberg in Gothenburg 2018-2019 as well as other productions.